4 Tips to Save on Air Conditioning Repairs

Air conditioning repair and maintenance does not have to cost you large amounts of money.  Early detection of problems and a good mechanic can keep costs down.

The summer season is the time we don’t want to be without our air conditioning (A/C) in our cars or trucks.  When the outside temperature gets real hot a weak A/C system may shut down completely or just not keep us cool enough.  Problems can arise from within the system itself or can be due to non-a/c system components.

Tips to Avoid Failure or Excess Repair Expenses

  1. Find a reliable shop to maintain your entire vehicle.  Major air conditioning system repairs can run between $500 and $1500.  You want to know your shop is looking out for your best interests and not recommending more than is needed.  Look for testimonials to insure a shop is taking good care of its customers.
    Maintenance services may only run in the area of $100 to $200 and with the help of “your” shop you may be able to avoid major A/C system repairs for most of your cars life.
  2. Keep your cooling system working correctly to maximize A/C system efficiency.  For example cooling fans that are not working correctly will not only affect coolant temperature but also the operation of the A/C system.  Belt driven fans that have slipping belts or a fan clutch that has failed cannot support your air conditioning system.
    Electrical fans on most front wheel drive cars and many trucks have motors and sensors that can fail and cause your’re A/C to not work efficiently.
    Air flow restrictions through the air conditioning condenser or radiator due to debris will reduce the ability of the A/C system to function. A quick visual inspection would let a mechanic know if debris is present.
  3. Paying attention to reduced cooling from the A/C system and notifying your auto repair shop of potential problems can save you money.  A/C systems naturally lose some Freon over time.  If you wait too long to have it checked the repair bill can grow into a major expense because lack of Freon and oil in the system can destroy the compressor.
  4. Early detection of the symptoms below could indicate you have a problem and may allow you to avoid a major expense by acting on it sooner rather than later:
    1. Low air flow out the vents which could be caused by a restricted cabin air filter. A strange noise or vibration under the dash board could indicate a blower fan problem.
    2. Under the hood noises and vibrations could also point to problems within the A/C system.  An example would be a compressor that is noisier when it is very not outside and when engine speed is increased.
    3. Wet carpets under the dash could indicate a plugged drain in the A/C system.
    4. The A/C system working intermittantly should be a clue to get it checked out.  There are a lot of electronics involved in today’s automotive aid conditioning systems that can cause it to not work correctly.

When in doubt about your air conditioning system operation have it checked out by the skilled ASE certified technicians at Tune Tech Downtown.  Call today to make an appointment at (208) 336-5315 or contact us on our website.

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