One of the worst problems your vehicle can have is overheating. Your auto cooling system regulates the temperature of your engine. If it overheats, major engine damage can result causing the engine intake gaskets and head gaskets to be damaged. The problems that could result would be failure of radiator and heater hoses, water pump and transmission damage. Heater hose repairs are relatively inexpensive but water pump replacement and transmission repairs are costly.

Preventive maintenance on auto cooling system components will safeguard your vehicle and keep your passengers comfortable during summer and winter driving conditions. You may find your heater will not work if your cooling system is not full. Taking your car in for a complaint that the heater is not working could result in unnecessary heating system service when all that is really needed is more coolant.

Here at Tune Tech Downtown our ASE Certified technicians and mechanics are trained in automotive maintenance and have the best tools to pinpoint your problem quickly. With over 34 years of experience, you can be confident we will get you back on the road with your service done right.

Call or stop by when your vehicle starts to act up so we can find the problem and correct it before you experience a breakdown.

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Advantages of Tune Tech Downtown repair service:

  • AAA Certified Auto Repair
  • AC Delco Automotive Service Center
  • Open 6 Days a Week
  • ASE Certified Technicians and Mechanics
  • National Warranty
  • Conveniently Located at Downtown Boise ID