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Auto Electrical Diagnosis and Repair FAQs

Auto Electrical Diagnosis and Repair

Addresses some of the more basic questions relating to the complex electronic and electrical systems on vehicles and how these systems and their component parts are diagnosed when repairs are needed
Covers areas like automotive diagnostics, light system problems, wiring, and electrical systems

How long can I expect my battery to last?
Most batteries last between 3 to 4 years. The best thing to do when your battery gets to that age is have it tested by a mechanic at your auto repair shop. The test will show whether your battery is functioning as expected or starting to show signs of weakness when placed under a load. Remember, it may be easier and less expensive to replace an aging or weak battery than it is to wait until it fails.

What is the normal life of a car battery?
There is no short answer to this because battery life depends on the quality and structure of the battery as well as how it is used.

What things can affect the life of a car battery?
There are several obvious things that shorten the life of a car battery, one of the most obvious being repeatedly leaving lights on when the car is not running. Installing a battery that is too small for the size of your car can also shorten its life with the constant demand to work harder than it was designed to work. A faulty component is your car’s charging or starting system may also contribute to your battery’s early demise.

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