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How to save money and time with local instrument cluster repair

Our instrument cluster repair service is available to correct common dash failures such as flickering or dim lighting, odometer, speedometer, tachometer, and fuel gauge display failures. With local repair service available, we save you money and the inconvenience of waiting additional days without your vehicle while your cluster is in transit.

Dash panel failures create dangerous driving conditions at night if the instrument cluster is too dim to see. A failure in the cluster can also cause problems with other electronic modules ranging from annoying inconvenience to safety issues with anti lock brake systems or speedometers.

How Auto cluster problems can affect your vehicle

Auto Instrument PanelMany electronic modules are inter-connected and “talk” to each other on data streams. This connection means a failed dash cluster module can also result in a problem that seems unrelated to the dash cluster. For this reason, having diagnosis by a repair professional like Tune Tech Downtown is advisable. If you skip this step and opt to purchase and replacing the your failed instrument cluster yourself, you may experience problems like:

  • Intermittent gauge failure
  • Dim PRNDL display
  • Dead display with nothing showing
  • Gauges or speedometer not working
  • Air condition and heating displays not working
  • Electrical system failures such as windows, door locks, or cruise control

You may have vehicle specific common problems

Ford trucks and vans can have symptoms like:

  • Brake or 4×4 warning lights on
  • Gauges sticking, not reading, or reading incorrectly
  • Dim or dark displays due to failed back lighting

Cluster problems in these vehicles can affect the operation of interior lights, electric windows, radios and other display or control modules.

GM truck and SUV clusters on 2003 to 2006 vehicles have instrument cluster panel failures common enough that we can fix them in one day at our downtown Boise location.

Toyota Prius, Land Cruiser or Highlander SUV’s have common navigation panel problems. In 2003 to 2008 Prius instrument cluster/speedometer problems cause issues with very dark displays.

Nissan cars and SUV’s in the 2000 to 2001 year range can experience gauges freezing and odometers that display wrong characters or just fail completely.

The list goes on with Dodge, Ford and GM vehicles of various years and makes having electronic dash problems.

Speedometer Odometer Dash5 Reasons to repair your auto cluster instead of purchasing a replacement

Having your instrument cluster repaired locally where available is frequently a better option than buying a new cluster. Below you’ll find the main benefits of repairing rather than replacing clusters:

  • Repair is usually faster
  • New clusters may have a slightly different appearance
  • No programing is required
  • Keep the same cluster for your vehicle
  • Cost savings can be 50% or more over new replacements

What could be better than taking your vehicle in for repair in the morning, picking it up in proper working condition that evening, and having a 1 year warranty on the repair? That is what we offer our customers at Tune Tech Downtown.

How much does an instrument cluster repair cost?

With so much variation in the local cluster repair costs it’s not possible to post pricing here. There are differences in labor time to access and remove clusters as well as increasingly complex electronics in newer vehicles. There can also be a varying number of internal pieces within a cluster that fail making one repair minor and another extensive.

Dash Gas Gauge RepairAs an example, one failed cluster may only need a new gas gauge and no programming. Another cluster may need two or three stepper motors replaced, a new power relay, and programming after the repair is completed. It’s not too difficult to see why providing cluster repair or replacement pricing is beyond the scope of this article.

Maybe you have experience in repair of electronics and can purchase a cluster repair kit to save money by doing your own repair. Maybe you have experience working on cars and can remove the failed cluster and install a replacement yourself. It’s important to be aware that there are drawbacks to doing your own repair or replacement:

  • Clusters are programed with vehicle specific information meaning one purchased online may still require special equipment to be programmed
  • Replacement clusters available for purchase can have hidden problems
  • There are stepper motor repair kits available for purchase online but extreme care is required to avoid damaging electronic circuit boards and ending up with a cluster beyond repair

We hope this post helps you understand your options and lets you know what to watch for if you need instrument cluster repair on your vehicle. We hope you will contact us at Tune Tech Downtown by calling (208) 336-5315 or visiting us online at our website.

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