Auto Lighting System FAQs

Auto Lighting System

Addresses issues with interior and exterior lighting systems such as headlights, taillights and daytime running lighting.

Why do my headlamp lenses appear hazy or “foggy”?

The plastic lens of a headlamp can be damaged by chemicals and take on a hazed or foggy appearance. One place this chemical damage happens can be at a car wash where chemicals and cleaners come in contact with the warm plastic of a headlamp lens (daytime running lights that are on whenever the car is on will generate enough heat to significantly raise the temperature of the plastic lens).

How can I repair foggy headlamp lenses?
There are kits available at parts houses for DIY repairs but most people report unsatisfactory results. Many detail shops provide a service of sanding and buffing headlamp lenses. Though this type of service is effective, the problem will return if you continue to use car washes.
Lens or headlamp assembly replacement is an optional fix for this problem but it will cost much more than the $30.00-50.00 fee for professional buffing or polishing at a detail shop.

Buying a new headlamp a assembly from a dealership can run between $300 and $800. A better option would be to check with a wrecking yard to see if they have a good one on one of their wrecked vehicles. A final option that we have seen used many times are imported lamp assemblies. They cost much less that OEM factory lamps. They seem to work well and are much less expensive.

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