Auto Maintenance Services

Best Auto Repair ShopBoise Auto Maintenance Services at Tune Tech Downtown:

The following automotive terms and systems relate to maintenance services for your car, pick-up truck or SUV. As you read the list think about services you have had done on your vehicle. If you don’t remember doing some of these services you should ask your auto repair shop to explain the importance of the service. Ask them to check your vehicles records to see if they have been done. Remember, maintenance will save you money on car repair.

A $150 full transmission service every two years can extend the life of your automatic transmission an extra 100k miles. The savings can be in the $3000 to $4000 range by not needing a transmission overhaul.

Replacing worn spark plugs can extend the life of spark plug wires and coils by not overloading them with high voltage caused by worn plugs.

Boise spark plug service partsAir Conditioning Service
Air Filter Replacement
Drive and V-belt Replacement
Engine Tune-up and Spark Plugs
Fluid Flush Brakes
Fuel Filter Replacement
Fuel System Service
Heater Hoses and Radiator Hoses
Heating System Service
Lube Steering and Drivetrain
OEM Factory Recommended Scheduled Maintenance
Oil & Filter Change
Power Steering Fluid Flush
Preventive Maintenance
Timing Belt Replacement
Transmission Fluid Flush
Wiper Blade Replacement

Auto maintenance services can help keep your auto repair costs to a minimum in many cases. If we can provide you with more information about our maintenance services please Call us (208) 336-5315 or Email questions to us with our Contact Us form.