How to Stay Safe with Auto Repair Recalls

Manufacturers Auto Repair Recalls on Used and Rental Cars

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Auto Repair Recalls

New car manufacturer recalls have been in the news lately. If you have purchased a used or rental vehicle it is important to keep your family safe by determining whether your vehicle is in need of this type of service. It is also important to remember new vehicles you have bought can also have open notifications, but manufacturer dealers usually notify everyone who purchases such vehicles.

You can go to the website if you want to start the process of checking for any that apply to vehicles you are currently driving. The main site does not offer a vehicle-specific look-up option. It simply provides a chronological date list of defect announcements. You just have to look down the list to see if anything may apply to your vehicle.

A better option is the website where you can enter your vehicle type and get information that may apply. From there you need to do more research to determine if the specific car applies to your car and whether it has already been completed.

We Can Check Your Vehicle for Recalls

Independent repair shops like Tune Tech Downtown that have access to manufacturer data, can help you determine if your car or truck has an issue that needs to be addressed. We know you trust us to give you accurate information and we will be happy to save you the time and potential headache of searching for yourself.

Be aware, these auto repairs will be performed by dealerships at no charge to you. Of course, there will be the hassle of getting your vehicle to and from the dealership for the fix, but repairs of this nature are critical for driving safety.

Here is an example of what checking a vehicle on the site entails: When entering a “2005 Suburban” a wheel hub recall was listed. As you read through the attach documentation, it states the defect applies to 2006 to 2007 models. As you read deeper into the specific part that is defective, it states these hubs were manufactured between 2005 and 2007. Since this vehicle was purchased in 2005, you must now contact the manufacturer before finding out this notice does not apply to your 2005 vehicle.

As you can see it is often not just a simple yes or no process. This illustrates that even though the government site indicates a possible repair is due, research has to be done to verify if one is actually required. We take the time to do the necessary legwork necessary to fully research whether a defect applies to your specific vehicle.

No Law Requires Recall Repairs on Used Cars

Used car dealerships and rental companies are not required to check for and fix defective parts on every vehicle they sell. It takes time and expense to have vehicles checked and transported to dealerships for these types of repairs and many used car dealers are not willing to incur this type of expense.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Transportation Department are working to move forward with proposals and legislation to protect consumers by requiring that all used car dealerships and rental agencies must check any vehicle for recalls before selling it.

Auto repair recalls are designed to keep you and your family safe. Don’t delay checking to determine if any are due on your vehicles. Call us today in Boise at 336-5315 or contact us on our website to make an appointment.

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