Auto Care Podcast Introduction TTD001

In this introduction episode Dave interviews Pat about his journey into the family auto repair business. Pat describes his first jobs, and his education at the Boise State Automotive Program, which resulted in his getting an AS Degree. Starting as a mechanic at the shop and moving through the skill levels and training. From there Pat managed one of the Tune Tech shops for 13 years before returning to the Boise shop. This introduction episode presents the type of repairs and maintenance provided by Tune Tech Downtown.

On future episodes you will be able to hear tips on how to work with your auto shop, and how to protect your second most expensive asset, your vehicles. Pat and Dave will also answer questions submitted by listeners about automotive maintenance and repairs.

Key Talking Points:

  • Tune Tech Downtown has been in the same location since 1981 when Pat Marron Sr. started the company.
  • Pat described his journey of working in the industry after graduating with a degree in Automotive Technology
  • Pat’s 20 years of experience in the automotive repair industry
  • Pat spent 13 years managing the sister shop in Ontario OR
  • The Ontario store was sold and Pat came back to the Boise shop
  •  Pat discusses the importance of frequent maintenance as the key to a vehicle’s long life 

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Type of vehicles we service – all makes of import and domestic cars, vans, SUV’s and pickup trucks
  • Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge trucks are very common in the shop, as are Subaru, Honda and Toyota cars.
  • Type of repairs provided – Oil change and maintenance services, diagnosis of all electronic systems like check engine lights, AntiLock Brakes (ABS), timing belt replacement, air conditioning and all electrical diagnostics and repair.

Recommended Resources:

Tune Tech Downtown – Better Business Bureau page

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Tune Tech Downtown page   Better Business Bureau

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