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Auto Care Podcast Season One Final Episode TTD009

This is the final episode of season one of the Tune Tech Downtown Auto Care Podcast. Our goal is to do a quick review of the season and let our listeners know this is the end of season one.

In this episode Pat and I talk about our journey of starting the podcast and the bumps we experienced along the way. We shared our enjoyment of having the opportunity to present the episodes and our hope that listeners found the information helpful.

We chose to end the season here because summer is very busy for auto repair shops and shop customers. In Boise Idaho when our recreation vehicles are tuned up and have their oil changed, vacations and weekend trips begin.

In this episode we do a quick review of the first eight episodes to recap the season. We share a few highlights from each episode.

Key talking points for each episode:

  1. Auto Care Podcast Introduction TTD001

  • Pat Marron Sr. started Tune Tech Downtown at this location in 1981
  • We introduced Pat Marron Jr.
  • Pat described his journey of working in the industry after graduating with a degree in Automotive Technology
  • Pat’s has 20 years of experience in the automotive repair industry
  • He spent 13 years managing their shop in Ontario OR
  • Pat is now helping his dad run the Boise shop
  1. Foggy Car Windows During Winter Driving TTD002

  • The who, what, when, where, how, and why of foggy car windows during winter driving
  • The vehicle operator can cause foggy windows by not operating controls correctly
  • Moisture is the cause of foggy windows
  • Cold damp winter conditions bring extra moisture into the cabin
  • Defrosters keep windows clear by blowing hot, dry air on the windows
  • Air conditioning system problems can cause windows to fog
  1. Timing Belt Replacement Recommendations TTD003

  • Timing belt replacement on one maintenance service you don’t want to miss
  • Pat described the difference between timing chains and timing belts
  • Most timing belt replacement intervals are at 60k, 90k, and 105k miles
  • Belt replacement costs can run $500 to $1200 on most vehicles
  • Timing belts that slip or break can cause major engine damage on some engines
  • When getting estimates be sure you are getting all timing belt components replaced
  1. Car Repair and Maintenance Service Advisor TTD004

  • We introduced Troy Miller as the Assistant Service Manager and service advisor
  • Troy has been at Tune Tech since 2011
  • He mentioned that some customers have been coming to here for 35 years
  • Tune Tech Downtown is a full automotive repair shop for all makes and models
  • When David is off Troy runs the shop
  • Troy advises all customers that maintenance will reduce auto repair costs
  1. Managing Auto Repair and Maintenance TTD005

  • David Read was introduced as the Service Manager
  • David has been at Tune Tech Downtown since 2006
  • David has 30 years experience in the automotive industry
  • David and Troy team up to take care of all customer invoicing
  • Tune Tech provides mechanical auto repair and maintenance on all makes
  • Services include brakes, engine mechanical, transmissions, electronic diagnosis
  1. Brake Inspections Save on Brake Repair Costs TTD006

  • This is the first podcast episode of a three part series on brakes
  • Tune Tech Downtown provides Free Brake Inspections with oil change services
  • Pat shares the importance of having brakes inspected regularly
  • Brake inspections include brake pad thickness and checking the system for leaks
  • Brake pads that wear out will cause damage to disc brake rotors
  • We talked about brake fluid contamination
  • Brake warning lights were discussed
  1. Drivers Guide to Brake Fluid and Brake Warning Lights TTD007

  • Check your owner’s manual for the type of brake fluid your car needs
  • Contaminated brake fluid can damage brake components
  • Brake fluid additives break down and require replacement with a flush
  • Three brake related warning lights – Anti-lock, Traction Control, and Brake
  • What it means when a brake warning light comes on in the dash
  • A case study of a vehicle with contaminated fluid
  1. Brake Noise Anti-lock Brakes and Traction Control TTD008

  • Brake systems have brake pad warning sensors
  • Brake noise is caused by the vibration of disc brake pads in calipers
  • Incorrect brake pad material can cause brake noise
  • Incomplete brake jobs can result in brake noise when the brakes are applied
  • Anti-lock brakes reduce stopping distance and improve steering during braking
  • Traction Control reduces tire slip on ice and snow on acceleration

Conclusion of the Auto Care Podcast Season One

So there is the summary of the first eight episodes of the Tune Tech Downtown Auto Care Podcast. Pat and I hope you enjoyed them and got a lot of good information from them.

We had a good time doing an automotive repair and maintenance podcast. We both have a passion for helping auto owners save money on auto repair.

If you liked the podcast we would appreciate a Google review. Also we would love to have you share your opinion on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, or which ever platform you use to listen to the episodes.

Thanks for listening! We look forward to continuing in the fall.

Resources: Links to the episodes on the Tune Tech Website & Blubrry Host

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