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Boise Drivers – Protect Your Car’s Variable Valve Timing

In this episode Pat and I talk about car engine variable valve timing (VVT) systems and the importance of having regular oil changes. Pat tells us that dirty engine oil or the wrong of oil can cause many symptoms. Some of the potential problems include a check engine light, engine running rough or even having your engine not start.

Pat reminds us to help protect our car and prolong its life we need to get our oil changed regularly. He says the new systems in today’s cars need clean oil. Dirty oil can cause you to be stranded or require you to make a trip to the auto repair shop. It can plug oil passages in the engine. The variable valve timing system has tiny screens that can plug up due to dirty oil.

The VVT system is designed to use oil pressure to change the timing in the engine. There are engine parts called phasers that are controlled by oil pressure, solenoids and valves.

Key Talking Points:

  • Clean engine oil is critical for the variable valve timing system
  • Engine oil must be the correct type such as 0w – 20
  • Older engines used heavier weight oils like 10w-30 or 10w – 40
  • Oils that are too thick won’t let the phasers work correctly
  • VVT symptoms – check engine lights, rough running engines and not starts
  • Other symptoms could be poor fuel economy or engine stalling while driving

To fix these problems Tune Tech Downtown procedures will depend on the cause of the problem and the severity of the condition. At minimum an oil change with the correct type of engine oil may resolve a problem.

Some engines can be flushed with an engine cleaner to correct the problem. If the engine is too dirty it will have to be disassembled, cleaned and probably have some parts replaced like screens, solenoids or phasers.

Conclusion about Variable Valve Timing Maintenance:

The cost of regular oil changes for your car is much less than paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for engine cleans or VVT component replacements.

Pat mentioned the unfortunate situation he sees too often of nice cars coming into the shop that have gone too many miles without proper maintenance. As mechanics we try to educate our Boise customers about the importance of maintenance. This auto care podcast is one of the ways we try to inform and educate auto owners about car maintenance.

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