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Car Repair and Maintenance Service Advisor TTD004

Troy Assistant Service ManagerTroy has worked in the automotive service business since 1985. After graduating from the Boise State Automotive Program he started working as a technician. After working years as a technician he took his experience and started as a service advisor. Troy started at Tune Tech in 2011 as a service advisor.

Troy says his favorite part of the automotive service industry is that he enjoys the interaction with the customers. He likes being able to help them by understanding their needs and helping them get their vehicles repaired and maintained.

He mentioned having just helped a customer the other day that has been coming to Tune Tech for 35 years. Troy said since Pat Marron started the company in 1981, it stands to reason that we have some long time customers.

Troy commented that this is a good company. It’s as honest and reliable as any shop he has worked at in his career.

When ask about the shop and the type of vehicles worked on and the type of services offered Troy described it as a full service automotive shop. He said we service most makes and models. He said we don’t specialized so we are able to diagnose and repair the majority of vehicles out there.

We are a full service shop so we do everything under the vehicle or in engine compartment other than tires and bodywork. We do electrical, engine and transmissions as well.

Running the Office as a Team

Troy said he and David run the office. They work together with all customers to know where every job is and what needs to be done.

He said we’re the ones that greet the customers, learn their concerns with their vehicles and the issues they’re having. We write it up and get it to the technicians to diagnose or tell us what it needs. Then one of us puts together the estimate and calls the customer to let them know what is going on with their vehicles and the cost of the repairs.

Dave asked Troy if he has any recommendations for his customers and our podcast listeners?

He said the biggest thing that people can do is to maintain their vehicles maintenance. He said a lot of times that can save expensive repairs down the road. Fluids that get old and dirty can cause internal engine, transmission, and other system problems. Keeping up on fluid maintenance helps transmissions, radiators, water pumps, power steering systems, and engines last longer.

Troy reminded auto owners not to ignore maintenance messages that come up on the instrument panel. Vehicle manufacturer recommendations like these will help keep your vehicles well maintained so they last a long time.

Troy ended up the discussion by sharing a little more about himself:

  • He loves hunting and fishing
  • He does some dog training and plays an occasional poker game
  • He has been in Idaho since 1994

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