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Watch for our helpful automotive repair tips designed to give you valuable information about repair and maintenance of your vehicles. From check engine light diagnosis, oil changes, air conditioning, engine and transmission repair. We can service all your car repair and pickup truck needs. Our website is loaded with helpful information about our automotive services and the automotive repairs we provide drivers in Boise.

Automotive Repair Tips
Subaru Automotive Repair Tips

Our automotive repair tips cover vehicles of all makes and models. We share helpful tips and information about improving fuel economy, air conditioning, check engine lights, serpentine belts, maintenance and repair.

The FAQs provided have very specific information about many auto repair and maintenance questions you may have about your vehicles care.

One of the most important tips for auto owners of newer vehicles is the urgency of maintaining these cars with timely auto maintenance. We know you have been marketed to death about maintenance and probably don’t want to hear any more about it. We also know you may not trust auto repair shops who recommend you get all the maintenance services your car needs.

It was important on older cars, but todays newer vehicles it is even more important. New engines have more precise machining and smaller passages for oil to get to engine components. The best examples are variable cam timing that so many auto manufactures are using. They use a combination of oil pressure and electronics to adjust engine timing for best fuel economy and performance. The oil passages are very small and even have very fine screens to keep dirt out.

Dirty engine oil can cause build up of carbon or sludge that can move into these screens. Some engines have four valve adjusting mechanisms, one for each camshaft. A check engine light on because the computer recognized a problem, even though the computer doesn’t know the problem is dirty oil, could cost you hundreds of dollars. An estimate might be $400 for one. If your engine has four, you may eventually spend $1600 to have all four replaced.

Now I hope you can see the importance of changing the engines oil in a timely manner. At Tune Tech Downtown we want to save you money on repairs by helping you keep your maintenance up to date.