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Brake Repair Service

Brake Inspections Can Reduce Cost of Repair

Brake repair services are provided on all makes and models of cars and light trucks. Our downtown Boise location near you is conveniently open Monday through Saturday.

Frequent brake system inspections can help reduce repair costs by allowing our ASE mechanics to catch brake pad wear before it destroys the brake rotors. This brake inspection is a free service we provide all our customers including Lube, Oil and Filter service customers.

Brake pad replacement with quality parts is very important to return your system to OEM specifications. During our inspection process we will measure the rotor thickness to determine if it can be turned on a lathe to restore its finish and flat surface.

Brake Rotor Wear

If the rotors are worn too much and cannot be turned they must be replaced. Many repair shops are no longer turning rotors because the brake pads are so hard they cause excessive brake rotor wear. A good alternative on many cars and trucks is to replace brake rotors and pads every time the pads wear out.

Brake rotor surface
Brake Rotor Wear

During the inspection process the entire system is inspected for any of the following problems:

  • Brake fluid leaks
  • Cracked brake hoses
  • Loose wheel bearings
  • Brake warning lights

After the repairs are completed, the vehicle is driven to insure the brakes operate correctly. During the break-in road test, the brake mechanic brakes moderately to allow for proper seating of the new pads to the rotors.

We recommend driving with caution for a day or two. This allows the brakes to further seat in as excess heat from quick or hard braking can result in brake squeak.

Additional information about other brake services we provide can be found in our Services pages. At Tune Tech Downtown we are committed to providing the best brake system repair available in Boise. We install quality Delco and Napa professional auto parts. All our services are covered by national warranties.