3 Ways to Increase Fuel Economy

Increase Your Fuel Economy

You are “in the drivers’ seat” so to speak when it comes to your cars fuel economy. You can easily do a few things to increase your gas mileage. These three will increase mileage, protect the environment and save you money.

Keep Your Fuel from Evaporating out at the Cap

According to the Car Care Aware website research 17 percent of vehicles on the road were found to have a damaged, loose or missing gas cap. This causes large amounts of fuel to evaporate into the air. We know this causes damage to the environment which affects our climate. That fuel you bought does not make it to your engine.

The Car Care site indicated some reports of as much as 147 million gallons of fuel may be lost each year.

Of course most cars have onboard emissions systems to capture gas fumes so they don’t reach the atmosphere. Gas caps that are off or loose will be detected by the emissions system and the check engine light will be turned on.

If you have an auto repair shop check the reason for the light coming on it may cost you between $30 and $100 to diagnose. So when that light comes on in the future be sure to check for a loose cap before making an appointment at your auto repair shop.

Reduce Warm Up Times

Some of us like to warm our car or truck up before we go to work in the mornings. Especially during the winter months. It’s important to to run the engine long enough to get lubrication to the engine, transmission and other lubrication dependent components but don’t over do it.

Of course some of us start our car and are half way down the block before the starter stops turning. Ha Ha! Ok, a slight exaggeration but you get the point.

The major fuel consumption issue is letting it run 5, 10, 15 minutes before you get in and drive off. You know what I mean – go out and start it, come back in the house and finish getting ready before you leave. You are getting zero miles per gallon during that time.

An important disclaimer for your safety is to always warm your vehicle enough to insure your defroster can keep your windows clear before you start driving.

Reduce Aggressive Driving

According to this government Fuel Economy related website driving aggresively can reduce fuel economy by as much as 30 percent on highways and possibly 5 percent in the city. At today’s fuel price of around $3.15 per gallon a 5 percent reduction would be equivalent to a .16 cent per gallon loss. At 30 percent you would lose around .95 cents per gallon of fuel. What is aggresive driving? Several examples would be:

  • Quick accelerations from stops
  • “Jack Rabbit” driving which is constantly moving your foot on the accelerator during highway driving
  • driving over the speed limit on highways

Cruise control is a great accessory to help with aggressive driving. It can save fuel and reduce speeding tickets.

So secure that gas cap, be aware of warm up times before leaving for work or school. Drive for economy and enjoy the end result of money saved and a better environment for all of us.

If you happen to have a check engine light come on give Tune Tech Downtown a call at 336-5315 or contact them by email from their  website.

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