How Hybrid Cars Work and Who will Work on Them

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Hybrid Cars

The technology of hybrids has been around for awhile, and we have seen the cars on the road for years.  More new hybrids are slated to come out this year, and undoubtedly that trend will continue.  So, questions come to mind as we consider whether or not  we might be likely to purchase one in the near future . . . questions like,

  • How much do they cost?
  • How often would I have to replace the battery?
  • What routine services do they need?
  • Where would I go for repairs?

As time goes on and we hear more about hybrids and see more of them on the road, other questions will come to mind.  Since Tune Tech Downtown has been working on Toyota Prius models for years, we believe we’ve got some good information to share with you.  Continue to watch our site for ongoing tips and information about hybrids and their care and feeding.

Remember, if you have a Toyota Prius that needs service or repair, give us a call today.  Tune Tech Downtown (208) 336-5315.

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