Auto Care Podcast Season One Final Episode TTD009

Season One Auto Care Podcast

This is the last episode of the Auto Care Podcast for season one. It includes a brief summary of the topics covered in each podcast episode. Topics include foggy windows during winter driving, timing belt replacement, maintenance services, and three episodes on brakes.

Brake Noise Anti-lock Brakes and Traction Control TTD008

Brake Repair Shop Boise

In this episode we wrap up the three part series on auto brakes. We’ll discuss brake noise, the importance of a good brake job, and give a quick introduction to Anti-lock brake and Traction Control systems.

Drivers Guide to Brake Fluid and Brake Warning Lights TTD007

brake fluid warning lights information

In this episode we’ll continue the series on auto brakes. We will expand on brake fluid contamination and share more information about brake system warning lights.

Brake Inspections Save on Brake Repair Costs TTD006

Front Disc Brake Caliper

Having brake inspections is important from a safety standpoint and they make financial sense. Failure to catch worn brake pads can double the cost of a brake job.

Managing Auto Repair and Maintenance TTD005

In this episode Dave speaks with David Read about his role as Service Manager at Tune Tech Downtown. They discuss David’s experience in the automotive industry, his duties in the office, and his best recommendation for auto owners to help minimize repair expenses.

Car Repair and Maintenance Service Advisor TTD004

Boise TuneTech Office Shop

In this episode Dave speaks with Troy Miller about his work as Assistant Service Manager. They discuss Troy’s duties and his enjoyment of helping his customers. Troy has many years of experience working in the automotive industry, with many of those spent at Tune Tech Downtown.