Boise Drivers – Protect Your Car’s Variable Valve Timing

Boise engine valve repair

Car engine variable valve timing systems need clean oil and regular maintenance to work properly. Dirty engine oil or the wrong type of oil can cause many symptoms like a check engine light, engine running rough or even a no start.

Ada and Canyon County Emissions Test TTD010

Black Car with Emissions Test Reference

This episode is a review of emissions testing for Ada and Canyon Counties in Idaho. We discuss which vehicles are tested, and the process for electric and hybrid cars. Pat shares what to do if you fail the emissions test.

Auto Care Podcast Season One Final Episode TTD009

Season One Auto Care Podcast

This is the last episode of the Auto Care Podcast for season one. It includes a brief summary of the topics covered in each podcast episode. Topics include foggy windows during winter driving, timing belt replacement, maintenance services, and three episodes on brakes.