Pat Marron graduated from Voc-Tech School in Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan, Ireland in 1958.  He worked as an apprentice in Carrickmacross for two years before coming to the U.S. in August, 1960.

He worked in N.Y. for 5 years as a mechanic before going into partnership in a service station that also did auto repairs.  He worked as manager for the business and also as a mechanic for 13 years.

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After moving to Boise, Pat started Tune Tech in May of 1981.  He held the positions of manager and service writer while working to establish the new company.  Sean, Pat’s son, came to work as a technician in 1983 after graduating from the Phoenix Institute of Technology.  According to Pat, Sean was a tremendous help in growing the business.

Pat says that he and Patrick have the same auto repair shop philosophy.  They believe customers are the bread and butter of the business and deserve the best quality repairs Tune Tech Downtown can give. That means quality parts will be installed, and the customer will have a no hassle warranty.  Parts can be purchased from many places, but having the parts backed by Tune Tech Downtown’s warranty means you not only get good parts, but you also get the quality service to back them up.Pat-and-Sean

Making sure customers get a good value for the money they spend is another part of the business philosophy.  Tune Tech Downtown is careful to recommend a job be done in a way that will allow it to be fixed right the first time.  Quality parts and a no hassle warranty insure customer satisfaction.  In other words, Pat’s customers will save money, save time, and have more piece of mind in knowing the job is done right.

Pat says they strive to provide all the information their customers need to help them make the best decision about the necessary repair(s) for their car or truck.

When your car comes into the shop, the technicians do an inspection of everything they can see.  Their goal is to determine if maintenance might be necessary or if worn parts might need to be replaced.  This may help prevent an unexpected breakdown or a more expensive repair down the road.

Tune Tech Downtown uses Mitchell1 CRM software to send emails and postcards to customers 1 to 2 weeks before a scheduled maintenance service is due.  This is a courtesy reminder to bring the car, pick-up or SUV in for recommended maintenance or service.