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Engine Repair Services

Engine repair timing beltThe cars and light duty trucks of today do not need as much engine repair as their counterparts do. But when they do need work it can cost much more than repairs of years past.

Engines are built much better now with better machining, lighter and stronger materials, and they use better lubricants. If maintained they can run far longer than their predecessors. That is all great but what happens if they break or require major repairs? On some vehicles the price to repair an engine may not be a cost effective choice based on the value of the car or truck.

Engine Repair or Replacement Options

If one of our customers needs a major repair we encourage them to consider their options, engine replacement or repair. We provide cost options for comparison of the choices available to help in making the decision.

The option of engine replacement usually consists of installing a rebuilt engine. This can be a good option. When rebuilt engines from quality rebuilders that have a good warranty are available the entire job can usually be completed within 3 to 5 days, and a quick turn-around can be very helpful to the vehicle owner and the repair shop.

front of ford vehicle
Ford Engine Repair

Used engines from wrecking yards are sometimes an option to save the customer money. When (if) we offer this option, we are very careful for a number of reasons:

  • A used engine may not fit the vehicle correctly
  • It may have an unknown problem and require another replacement
  • The labor to install another engine may not be covered by the wrecking yard
  • The warranty may be much less than a rebuilt engine from a manufacturer or other rebuilder

If engine repairs can be completed without replacement but major work, such as cylinder head removal and repair is required, you will want to analyze your options

front of Toyota car
Toyota Engine Repair

carefully. There can be many factors that can go wrong with a partial repair:

  • Wrong or defective parts
  • Machine work quality is poor
  • Technician skill level, knowledge, or shop equipment is lacking
  • Shop warranty on repair is shorter than the rebuilt engine

Here’s an example of what could happen at a shop. A Subaru engine with an oil leak needs the heads removed and machined for replacement of head gaskets. If the shop uses a poor quality machine shop, surfacing of the heads could cause future gasket leakage, and the repair will have to be redone.

At Tune Tech Downtown, we always use the best quality machine shops for our Subaru machine work. For other makes of vehicles needing major engine repairs we usually install rebuilt engines from the manufacturer of the car or truck. The quality of these engines is usually very good, and our customers have a national warranty from the manufacturer, as well as the warranty from our shop.

If you are in need of engine repair on your car, van or truck be sure to give us a call or contact us via email. We will work as an advocate to help you make the best decision based on your vehicle and the options available.

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