The subject of Honda auto maintenance is one not taken lightly by Honda owners, and many follow the recommended service schedule to a tee. These owners don’t hesitate to spend the time and money necessary to keep their vehicles in tip-top shape. They also don’t hesitate to spread the word about the satisfying Honda ownership experience. Even folks who don’t own a Honda agree that the manufacturing quality and design make Honda one of the longest lasting vehicles on the market.

While long-time owners are familiar with how the Honda auto maintenance program works, a new owner may need a little help understanding how to interpret the various service indicators lights that pop up on the dash. Below is an introduction to the basic elements of the system, and many find the owner’s manual is also a great resource.

The Honda “Maintenance Minder” is a maintenance reminder system that uses indicator lights to display seven basic types of maintenance recommendations. The first five are designated by the numbers “01 to 05”. The last two are designated as “A or B” services. These services may overlap with “01 to 05”. The “B” service recommendation is for inspection of up to thirteen different items like brakes, hoses, suspension and steering components, etc.

There are three “recent driving conditions” factors that influence the maintenance recommendations. The three conditions are:

  • Dusty
  • Extreme
  • Mountainous

When a vehicle comes in for service, the Honda auto maintenance professional interviews the owner. If the vehicle is found to have operated in one or more of these driving conditions, the maintenance service recommendation will be adjusted.

For example – if you drive in mountainous conditions your vehicle will need the following services at these mileages intervals:

  • Every 15,000 miles – replace air and cabin filters
  • Every 60,000 miles – replace timing belt, and inspect water pump
  • Every 90/120/150,000 miles – replace automatic transmission fluid

One item listed in the maintenance recommendations is assigned a calendar interval instead of a mileage interval. This is replacement of brake fluid every 36 months.

Here at Tune Tech Downtown our ASE Certified auto mechanics follow all Honda auto maintenance recommendations. With over 34 years of experience, you can be confident your maintenance and repair services will be done right.

Call or stop by when your vehicle’s “Maintenance Minder” indicator turns on to remind you a maintenance service is due.

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