Lighting System Problems

One of the most common lighting system problems on today’s cars, vans, SUVs and pick-up trucks has to do with replacing lightbulbs. Today’s vehicles have lights everywhere, even in the trunk and under the hood. To most folks, this may seem like an easy repair of simply replace the bad bulb with a new one.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always so simple. With the variety of the new body styles and the complexity in how these vehicles are put together, an otherwise simple bulb replacement can turn into one of the more expensive lighting system problems to repair. This happens when you add the cost of high-efficiency replacement bulbs to the labor hours charged to pay the technician time required to disassemble the vehicle and access the bulb. Some vehicles require removal of part of the front grill or bumper to get access to a headlight bulb. A rear tail light bulb replacement require removal of trunk panels for bulb access.

Many newer vehicles have systems that electronically monitor bulb operation. If the monitoring system acts up, it can tell you a bulb is out when it really isn’t. Be aware that replacement bulbs must meet the manufacturer’s standards. This may mean that using a perfectly good, but inferior replacement bulb may cause the system monitor to mistakenly identify the substandard bulb as being out when it actually isn’t.

Another of the more common but non-electronic lighting system problems on vehicles is when headlight lens covers become foggy. These plastic covers can be damaged by exposure to harsh chemicals or cleansers, like the soaps in car washes. This becomes more than a cosmetic problem as the fogging reduces the amount of light able to pass through the lens and visibility at night is diminished. Though there are kits available to polish these lenses, some kits work better than others, especially when the lens is in very bad shape.

Whatever your lighting system problems may be, remember that the ASE Certified technicians at Tune Tech Downtown are able replace bulbs and diagnose lighting systems for most vehicles. With over 34 years of experience, you can have confidence we can keep you on the road with the visibility you need to see clearly and stay safe.

Call today or request an appointment online if your vehicle needs a bulb replaced or has lighting system problems that need attention.

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