Starter Replacement

There is nothing more discouraging than getting in you car, turning the key and hearing a slight click, a ratcheting sound or nothing at all. This kind of problem could be the result of a faulty alternator or battery, but the other starting system component that can cause this problem is a bad starter motor.

When this happens a towing service may be able to jump your car, but if that doesn’t get it started, you may be due for a starter replacement. Sometimes starter problems are intermittent and even taking it to your repair shop for a charging and starting diagnosis may not pinpoint the problem.

An important piece of information to give your shop mechanic or service writer, to help them diagnose the problem, is to tell them what happens to your car’s interior lights or headlights when your car doesn’t crank. For example, if the lights stay on when you turn the key to start, it usually means the battery is good.

With a good battery and wiring intact, an intermittent “no crank” problem means a starter replacement will most likely fix your problem. Here at Tune Tech Downtown our ASE Certified technicians are trained in automotive electrical diagnosis and install quality auto parts to repair your starting problem. With over 34 years of experience, you can be confident we will get you back on the road with your vehicle starting every time.

Call or stop by when your vehicle acts up so we can find the problem and correct it before you experience a breakdown.

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Advantages of Tune Tech Downtown repair service:

  • AAA Certified Auto Repair
  • AC Delco Automotive Service Center
  • Open 6 Days a Week
  • ASE Certified Technicians and Mechanics
  • National Warranty
  • Conveniently Located at Downtown Boise ID


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