Subaru Service in Boise, ID

Subaru Maintenance and Repair Service

We have provided Subaru service to many of our Boise customers for years. Some of our employees have owned Subaru’s because they are so reliable and economical. We have found most Subaru owners do a good job ensuring maintenance work is up to date. This is part of the reason they last so long and are so economical.

Subaru being serviced
Subaru Service

Tune Tech Downtown provides foreign car service maintenance and repair in the following areas:

  • Lube Oil and Filter services
  • Cooling system
  • Auto transmission
  • Manual transmission
  • Brakes
  • Differentials and axles
  • Batteries, starters and alternators

Most Important Service

One of the most important services to keep current is the timing belt replacement. Failure to replace a worn belt can result slipping or a break, which can cause extensive and expensive damage to the engine.

Some repair shops and dealerships do not replace the pulleys, water pump and oil seals when they replace the timing belt. It’s our opinion that this is a major mistake and is not looking out for the best interest of their customer.

Oil leaking on the belt will shorten its life. A timing belt pulley that fails can cause the timing belt to break or slip. If the water pump starts to leak, its replacement will require removal of the timing belt.

To save our customers money and inconvenience we always replace these related components. The cost is slightly more for these extra parts, but the additional labor time you pay to replace them is a fraction of the labor charge to do the operation again, if one of these related components fails later on. The reason we replace them all is so these components will not fail before the next timing belt service is due for your car.

A Subaru with mileage around 100k may need engine work due to oil leakage. If the timing belt is due and the engine is leaking oil at the head gaskets, which is a common failure, we may pull the engine and do the repair and maintenance at the same time. This can be a more cost effective fix versus doing them individually. The goal is to give the engine another 60 to 100k miles of life with minimal maintenance.

If your car is in need of maintenance or repairs please give us a call at (208) 336-5316. We would love to talk with you about saving you money and extending the life of your car with our Subaru service care.

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