Transmission Diagnostics

Ensuring your vehicle’s automatic transmission provides extended life sometimes involves the need for transmission diagnostics when the computer identifies a problem and turns on a warning light. It is important to have the problem analyzed as soon as possible to reduce the chance of additional damage being done.

If a transmission warning light or message is displayed on your vehicle’s dash, the transmission computer will react differently depending on the type of failure it recognizes. The transmission may stop shifting and remain in only one or two gears. You may notice very hard shifting and clunking when putting it into gear or when it shifts. Sometimes the transmission will seem to shift fine even though a transmission diagnostics fault code is set and the warning is on. In either case, the best thing to do is get it checked out as soon as you can.

Transmission fault codes can be caused by intermittent problems. You may notice the warning message coming on and off at times as a fault comes and goes. Codes are stored in your vehicle’s computer even when the problem may not be happening. When you take your vehicle to the auto repair shop, the stored codes are pulled from the computer by a technician using a diagnostic scanner. This means it’s important that the repair shop have the proper equipment as well as skilled technicians trained to correctly diagnose and repair your problem.

Tune Tech Downtown has ASE Certified technicians trained in transmission diagnostics with the tools and the skill needed to pinpoint electrical or electronics problems quickly. With over 34 years of experience, you can be confident we will get you back on the road with your transmission working correctly.

Call or request an appointment online when your vehicle starts to act up so we can find the problem and correct it before you experience a breakdown.

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Advantages of Tune Tech Downtown repair service:

  • AAA Certified Auto Repair
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