Over 30 Years of Trustworthy and Professional Auto Repair in Boise

tune tech shop boiseIf you are looking for exceptional auto repair services in Boise, join our loyal customers and enjoy AAA certified, BBB accredited, AC Delco Professional Service Center vehicle maintenance. Save money on auto repairs and extend the life of your vehicle with auto maintenance and repair services provided by our professional ASE certified technicians at Tune Tech Downtown.
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“Extend your vehicle’s life with trustworthy automotive service and repair at Tune Tech Downtown in Boise”

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As a locally owned and trusted automotive repair shop in Boise, our loyal customers know we want to save them lots of money with our “spend a dime now instead of a dollar later” recommendations.

Consider these approximate cost comparisons for maintenance services versus repairs:
• Replacement Fuel filter ($50) vs. replacement fuel pump ($500)
• LOF – lube, oil, filter ($50) vs engine flush and/or repair ($300)
• Transmission maintenance service ($149) vs transmission repair ($2200)

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People driving cars or trucks with mileages between 200,000 to 300,000 believe PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE services gave their vehicle this kind of longevity.

When fluids degrade, protective lubrication of components is reduced and premature wear and failure happens.
Besides LOFs, these vehicle maintenance services can help add years to your vehicle’s life:
• air filter replacement
• fuel filter replacement
• spark plug and battery replacement
• hose and belt replacement

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We strive to provide professional automotive service that makes repair and maintenance of your cars and trucks convenient. Our auto repair shop is open six days per week for easy, stress-free service. Monday – Friday 8 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday 8 am to 5:00 pm. Our phone number is (208) 336-5315.

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INSPECTION SERVICES at Tune Tech Downtown in Boise are one of the most important services we provide with the potential to save our customers the most money!

Every oil change service includes a full vehicle inspection to catch potential problems early, before they cause a major failure.

Our pre-purchase used car inspections can save you thousands of dollars by helping you avoid buying a vehicle that needs extensive services such as Radiator and Cooling Repair, Automatic Transmission Repair, A/C System Repair, Brake Service, Clutch Repair, Engine Repair, CV Axle Replacement, or Check Engine Light diagnosis.

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BRAKE SERVICES at Tune Tech Downtown in Boise address issues of brake pulsation and noise reduction. Our brake maintenance services include brake pad and rotor replacement. Our ASE certified brake mechanics provide brake master cylinder, brake caliper, and wheel cylinder replacement using superior quality automotive parts. They also repair brake leaks, cracked brake hoses, loose or noisy wheel bearings and brake warning lights.

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ENGINE REPAIR services are expensive because of the way today’s engines are built. While still costly, Engine Replacement is sometimes less expensive than engine repair and can often be a better solution. Our AAA certified repair shop along with an AC Delco national warranty means Tune Tech Downtown in Boise provides exceptional auto repair protection for our customers.

Remember, maintaining your engine fluids, filters, hoses, and belts makes it’s unlikely you’ll need a major engine repair before 100,000 to 200,000 miles. Spending on vehicle maintenance instead of auto repair services could save enough to finance a vacation, so always have vehicle maintenance done as recommended.

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AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION repair or replacement is by far one of the most expensive repairs to pay for. We strive to help our customers avoid needing this type of repair by faithfully reminding them about automatic transmission maintenance.

Excessive heat does the most damage to transmission fluid diminishing its ability to lubricate and protect your vehicle’s transmission. The same conditions that cause an engine to overheat result in excess heating of transmission fluid and damage to your transmission. Regular servicing of your transmission by our trustworthy and professional ASE certified technicians help your automatic transmission live a long life.

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FOREIGN CAR SERVICE: At Tune Tech Downtown, nearly half of our automotive maintenance and repair services are on foreign vehicles. Because our foreign car customers are committed to regular vehicle maintenance, they often enjoy many more years of reliable transportation from their vehicles than is usual.

We know that many foreign car and light truck manufacturers now insist that only their oils and fluids be used during services. Since failure to do so may void the vehicle warranty or cause premature failure of engines, transmissions, brakes or other systems, our technicians are meticulous in verifying proper fluids are installed during any vehicle service procedure

The email or post card maintenance reminders sent to our customers reminds them to call and schedule maintenance services with our trusted auto repair professionals to enjoy maximum life from their vehicle.

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We’ve provided over 30 years of reliable, BBB Accredited, professional auto repair services at Tune Tech Downtown in Boise.

If you are looking for AAA Certified auto repair and vehicle maintenance services by ASE certified technicians, visit our AC Delco Professional Service Center in Boise. Let us get to know you as you experience the exceptional care we take with your automotive needs.

Visit our website: TuneTechDowntown.com
Call us: (208) 336-5315
Contact us: 1202 W State Street, Boise ID 83702
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