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Boise Automotive Services ShopBoise automotive services we provide at our downtown location include all makes and models of vehicles. Idaho has a good mix of domestic and foreign cars on the road with driving for recreation along with varied seasonal weather conditions influencing the vehicle selection process for many owners.

A popular Asian manufacturer with a significant number of vehicles on Idaho roads is Subaru. Their fuel economy and all wheel drive systems combine with reliability to make them a great year round small to midsize vehicle.

More than fifty percent of the foreign car service and repair work we perform is on Asian vehicles, with the list below showing the top four manufacturers, from most frequent to least frequent in volume:
• Subaru
• Honda
• Nissan
Other Asian make and model cars and pick-ups we provide service for includes:
• Hyundai
• Mazda
• Mitsubishi
• Isuzu
• Kia

European manufacturers comprise the other half of the foreign Boise automotive services we routinely perform. The top 3 by volume in this category are VW, Audi, and BMW with those listed below following closely behind:
• Land Rover
• Volvo
• Porsche
• Jaguar

Domestic cars and pick-up trucks made by General Motors (GM) and Ford make up almost half of the Boise automotive services at Tune Tech Downtown. Following close behind are Jeep, Dodge, and Chrysler. GM makes and models include:
• Chevrolet
• Buick
• Cadillac
Ford vehicle make and models we service include:
• Ford
• Lincoln
Jeep, Dodge, and Chrysler manufacturer the remainder of cars, trucks, SUV’s or mini-vans we service and repair.

No matter whether you drive a car, truck, van, SUV, or crossover vehicle, our Boise automotive services facility can help you enjoy safe and reliable motoring for whichever foreign or domestic vehicle you drive.

Visit our reviews page to view comments on the quality of work we provide for a variety of vehicles serviced or repaired at Tune Tech Downtown. In each review you’ll find the customer’s star rating along with their description of how well we met their expectations during their repair and service experience. We hope you’ll consider giving us a chance to provide quality service for your vehicle.

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