If you’re thinking about purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, don’t forget how important it can be to have a used car inspection done before you buy. This is one way to make sure you can purchase with confidence when you can’t have the security provided by a new car warranty.

With the price of new vehicles beyond the reach of many in the market for a car, truck or SUV, sales of pre-owned vehicles have soared. Unfortunately, with the increased demand, many of the popular make and model used cars are going for top dollar.

Few people shopping for a car can afford to pay cash, and that makes financing the purchase necessary. When you’ve added a car payment to your budget, it can be quite a blow to find out the car you just started paying for now needs engine or transmission work to the tune of $1000.00 to S4000.00.

That makes any previously owned vehicle purchase you are considering an investment worth protecting. A reliable, low-cost way to do this is with a used car inspection.

When you’ve found a vehicle you are seriously interested in, perform your own personal inspection. Then it’s time to let a professional give it a going over. At Tune Tech Downtown, we make appointments for inspections with the usual charge being around $70.00. If extra time is required for more in-depth diagnosis regarding a specific problem, we always request authorization from our inspection customers beforehand.

During the inspection, a certified technician will perform a checklist evaluation of all the major systems to determine whether the vehicle is mechanically sound and worth investing in. Problems identified during the inspection are listed and usually a quote is provided telling the prospective buyer how much the repair will cost.

Three things can result from a used car inspection:

  • A major problem is identified and the cost for repair work may be more than the vehicle is worth
  • A minor issue was identified that could lead to an expensive failure in the near future if not taken care of
  • No major or minor problems were identified and you can purchase with confidence

Here at Tune Tech Downtown our ASE Certified technicians are trained in diagnosis and repair of all automotive systems. We have the expertise necessary to perform a used car inspection on any vehicle you are considering.

With over 34 years of experience, let us give you a green light for a worry-free purchase or a fair estimate of the repair work necessary to drive off the lot safely and confidently.

Call to schedule an appointment or stop by when you are test-driving a “new-to-you” vehicle.

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Advantages of Tune Tech Downtown repair service:

  • AAA Certified Auto Repair
  • AC Delco Automotive Service Center
  • Open 6 Days a Week
  • ASE Certified Technicians and Mechanics
  • National Warranty
  • Conveniently Located at Downtown Boise ID