Wiper System Diagnosis and Repair FAQs

Wiper System Diagnosis

Basic information for safe operation and maintenance of windshield-clearing system components, i.e. wiper blade replacement recommendations and wiring and electrical systems that relate to windshield wiper operation

When should I replace my wiper blades?
The general rule is to replace wiper blades once to twice per year, or when they stop cleaning correctly. There are many factors that can shorten wiper blade life and result in failure to keep your windshield clear:

  • Road grime and oil
  • Damage from freezing to windshields and not being loosened properly
  • Sun baking the rubber during summer months
  • Windshield washers not working so there is more grime on the windshield, which shortens wiper blade life

Why does my windshield washer pump seem to fail so frequently?
The cause of pump failure is usually caused by overheating the pump motor. Under normal operating conditions, the motor in the pump is cooled by the surrounding fluid in the reservoir. When the driver needs to clean the windshield and activates the windshield washer switch with a low or empty reservoir, the pump will overheat and fail.

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